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ISSUE 66 (WINTER 2020): Therapy

ISSUE 66 (WINTER 2020): Therapy

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This issue offers a painfully funny and personal look at the current state of the art world. Read what our nomadic tribe is doing when restrictions block the path to global jet-setting. From reflections about a new localism to the lurid fantasies of a reality TV show featuring art celebrities to wacky craft projects born out of boredom at home to thoughts about religion, poetry, and even protests. What some might call confession, Spike is calling therapy. A mix of inappropriate humour, debauchery, and weirdness. Sean Monahan pitches a new reality TV show, and curator Jeppe Ugelvig pushes us to consider an art world in slo-mo. Also featured are profiles of the performance collective Young Boy Dancing Group, American Artist, Tabita Rezeire, and Keiken, an interview with Estonian artist Kris Lemsalu, and a Q+A with Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung, Nicolette Polek, and Iman Issa. Qu Chang writes on Marge Monko’s Dear D, and artists De Gruyter & Thys tell us their favourite things.


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