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ISSUE 43 (SPRING 2015): The Artist

ISSUE 43 (SPRING 2015): The Artist

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Everyone has to be an artist. When the myth of creativity and self-determination permeates all spheres, what is the artist to do? Can the individual work still produce difference, when formerly stable ideas of the public and of history are no longer in place? When the work dissolves, does artistic work flow into the design of being? Including a roundtable with Simon Denny, Natascha Sadr Haghighian, and Alexander Koch; an interview with Heimo Zobernig; and portraits of Henri Matisse, Korakrit Arunanondchai, and Weronika Ławniczak. Martin Herbert portrays fictional artists from Duchamp, Kolja Reichert and Christian Kobald ask what has become of an art world that integrates everything. John Menick on today’s cinematic heroes,  and Cara Delevigne in the 3M Paparazzi Blocker Anorak, as seen by Jon Leon. With Image Contributions by Andro Wekua, Keren Cytter, Misha Stroj, and Nicole Eisenman.


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