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Sylvie Fleury, »CAMINO DEL SOL«, 2014

Sylvie Fleury, »CAMINO DEL SOL«, 2014

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Black acrylic glass, engraved, finished in white, head screws, spacers
15 x 21 x 0,5 cm
Edition of 100 + 6 AP, signed and numbered certificate

Sylvie Fleury became known in the 90s for luxury cars, Louis Vuitton bags, and high heels – readymade objects cast in bronze or included as components of larger installations. Since then, she has become one of the most important figures in contemporary art. Her work focuses on the surfaces of consumer culture: their power to both manipulate and seduce. Fleury takes well known advertising slogans or brand names like “BE AMAZING”, “ETERNITY”, or “ÉGOÏSTE” and twists them in ironic and critical ways that give them deeper significance. Her new work “CAMINO DEL SOL”, however, abstains from any recognizable brand symbolism. Instead, the pictogram evokes a universal dynamic in which there is no distinct division between interior and exterior space. What do we see? Does the current flow in or out? The black plexiglass hangs on the wall like a cryptic sign reflecting both its setting and viewer; and much like a mirror, becomes a medium of awareness.

Sylvie Fleury was born in 1961 in Geneva where she still lives. 

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