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ISSUE 54 (WINTER 2018): New Formations

ISSUE 54 (WINTER 2018): New Formations

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We are in an interregnum, an in-between state where the old world is dying and the new struggles to be born. Colonies of bacteria are decomposing the white cube, automation will replace work, and a hope persists that digital space will produce a truly different art. The avant-garde is still alive, but as a stateless multitude that rejects the rhetoric of power. Quantum computers are starting to compute. Features on Anicka Yi, Oliver Laric, and Gilbert & George, an essay on “post-work” by Tom McCarthy, Philippe Parreno & Asad Raza on Twin Peaks: The Return, and death of the art gallery model: a round table. We ask curator Adam Szymczyk if we need a new avant-garde, and interview Contemporary Art Writing Daily. And finally, a manifesto for the public museum.


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