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ISSUE 59 (SPRING 2019): Lifestyle Protocols

ISSUE 59 (SPRING 2019): Lifestyle Protocols

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What can be changed through the twists and tweaks of design, architecture, technology, infra-structure, economics, or daily routines? How can the way we eat, learn, dress, live, and talk be a way to renew ourselves, and so too our society, from the ground up? We find answers from our writers: Mat Dryhurst on designing our way out of platform capitalism, Boris Groys on Socialist Networking, and Antony Hudek on a model for a quantitative society, plus Jaya Klara Brekke and Francesco Sebregondi on Forensic Architecture. Portraits of Bless, Wu Tsang, and Peter Kubelka, and Florence Bonnefous & Pierre Joseph on the show “Les Ateliers du Paradise” (1990). Given that a different present is almost impossible to imagine and utopia is currently out of reach, in this issue we look at the non-heroic ways of doing things differently that can open our minds and make the world better.


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