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Laura Owens, »Untitled«, 2014

Laura Owens, »Untitled«, 2014

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Untitled, 2014
Digital print on Claro Silk 170g matt paper, reworked with marker pen
50 x 70 cm
Edition of 25, each unique, signed on front, numbered

Since the late 1990s, Owens (*1970, USA) has been been developing a unique approach to the language of painting that expands its formal vocabulary to include speakers, collage elements, and appropriated drawings, among other things. Owens’ works are often site-specific, deriving their proportions and dimensions from a given exhibition space, designing a complex visual space both within and outside of her images. The references are as wide ranging as her techniques, from art history to the classified section of the newspaper to the phone book, which is incorporated for her edition for Spike that features a ludic play on the artist’s signature that turns into a bespectacled feline perched on top of the yellow pages.

Recent solo exhibitions include Cleveland Museum of Art (2021), House of Gaga, Mexico City (2020), Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, Rome (2019), and the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art (2018). She lives in Los Angeles.

Read a profile of Laura Owens in Issue #41, available here.

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