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ISSUE 77 (AUTUMN 2023): Field Guide to AI

ISSUE 77 (AUTUMN 2023): Field Guide to AI

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Spike’s Autumn issue is decoding AI. As the release of ChatGPT set off an official flurry of brisk developments and prognostications, how is this newest of techs crashing into creativity, labor, and everyday life? Perhaps it’s a cheat code to liberate us from work, extend our bodies in ingenious ways, and lead us to impossible-to-imagine visions. Or it might just dress up old forms of oppression in algorithmic clothes – digital sweatshops training biased data while robots write poems and paint. 

So what is artificial intelligence? And what even is intelligence, to begin with? Grab your copy to find out if the revolution will be artificialized. 

Featuring Lawrence Lek, Tao Lin, Jared Madere, Catherine Malabou, Lev Manovich, Isabel Millar, Mike Pepi, Martine Syms, Suzanne Treister, and many other human minds.

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