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ISSUE 60 (Summer 2019): Immorality

ISSUE 60 (Summer 2019): Immorality

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Immortality is a response to the widely held idea that art needs to be moral. The world’s fucked up, and the art world is guilty too, so in some ways that makes sense. It’s brought art closer to politics and activism, given it a social and political function. But art is also a place for (self-)doubt and risk and questioning. With Kenny Schachter on art market ethics, Rahel Aima’s “Big Rotten Apple”, a round table on “Cancel Culture” with Krist Gruijthuijsen, Mathieu Malouf, and Nina Power, and Martin Herbert on morally compromised art writing, Spike’s writers give room to art’s discontents. Lucia Pietroiusti writes about Felix Gonzalez-Torres, while Victoria Campbell pens a portrait of three artists whose artwork might be called sex work.


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