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ISSUE 55 (SPRING 2018): Fashion

ISSUE 55 (SPRING 2018): Fashion

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Brands such as Y/Project, Telfar, and Vetements have found new ways to pick up where the designers of the 1990s left off. Aided by strategies borrowed from art, they are transforming the fashion system from within and widening its boundaries beyond recognition. Fashion is succeeding precisely where art is not, wresting autonomy out of enormous political and social shifts. Is it now art’s turn to learn from fashion? Emily Segal and Alessandro Bava discuss art, fashion, and the contemporary; designer Andra Dumitrascu, the brand/collective Youths in Balaclava and writer Jack Self answer questions; Rob Horning on fashion as peer pressure; Matthew Linde on the origins of the fashion show; Natasha Stagg on Micro Influencing; Ella Plevin on the New York–based art collective Bernadette Corporation; and Dean Kissick talks with artist Sylvie Fleury.


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