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ISSUE 61 (AUTUMN 2019): Escape

ISSUE 61 (AUTUMN 2019): Escape

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Artists are leaving art capitals and even fleeing the art world entirely, just to find themselves right back where they started. We’re being grabbed by the claws of the art market and crashing into the limits of artistic autonomy. Outside of the confines of the art world, too, there’s much we want to evade, like death, depression, taxes, and our own success. But where does escape end and escapism begin? Could we think of escape as a battle cry, a rejection of terms, and a mode of non-compliance? With an essay by João Ribas, Fabrice Stroun on escapism, Rindon Johnson on escaping the art market, Max Czollek on migration, and Nancy Princenthal on Agnes Martin. Lil Internet writes about Blanck Mass’s “124” and Jeppe Ugelvig on fashion’s cannibalism. Anna Gritz sings the praises of Maria Nordman’s Room with two doors, and Francesco Bonami pens a portrait of Mauritzio Cattelan.


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