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ISSUE 46 (WINTER 2015): What is to be Done?


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The pressure is rising. Between acceleration and exit, artists and theorists are searching for new forms of resistance. They create their own worlds, enter into collaborations, establish companies, or work to dissolve familiar formats. What does it mean to be political today? What possibilities for action remain, and which ones are opening up? This issue looks for political alternatives and resistance into the art world, and includes discussions between Claire Fontaine’s Fulvia Carnevale, Rory Rowan, Constant Dullaart & Toke Lykkeberg, portraits of Tobias Madison, Barbara Kruger and Omer Fast, an interview with Armen Avanessian, Liam Gillick on the British documentary filmmaker Adam Curtis, and Chus Martínez on the role of art in generating new cultural forms.


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