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Spike ePaper (Issue 62): The 2010s


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The 2010s. We’re still feeling the effects of a decade in which transformations, transmutations, and travesties were the norm. In this issue we look back, celebrate, bemoan, and discuss what happened and why it matters today. We put together a roundtable on the decade with those who helped to influence and shape this strange and speedy period. In addition, we praise those individual art works that stood out from the pack and continue to have an impact on us today. There’s plenty of mud-slinging, as well as a portrait of the artist Kerry James Marshall. There’s music to remember, and new trends that continue to shape our cultural landscape. With contributions by Susanne Pfeffer, Paige K. Bradley, Victoria Campbell, Andrea Lissoni, and many others, who both took part in, and helped to shape, this decade of disquiet and disruption.  


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