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Spike ePaper (Issue 42): History in a Time of Hypercirculation


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Where does the sense of the ahistorical come from in many recent works, in particular those associated with post-Internet art? Why do younger artists openly admit ignorance of (art) history? Are we confronting a tabula rasa, or a moment of reinvention? With a roundtable with Hito Steyerl, DIS, and art historian Susanne von Falkenhausen, texts by Mark Fisher, Kasper König, and Sascha Kösch, portraits of On Kawara, Samara Golden, and Wolfgang Breuer. Elizabeth Peyton on  her influences,Oswald Wiener talks about cybernetics and the standstill of art and science. Karen Kilimnik, Johannes Wohnseifer, Tom Burr, and others offer visual forms of engagement with the idea of forgetting.
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