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Spike ePaper (Issue 40): Art under Capitalism


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A conversation about the bleak future of art with dealer Gavin Brown. Italian left-wing theorist Tiziana Terranova talks about living in an age of debt, Kolja Reichert reflects on how the ascendance of art is a symptom of the devaluation of money, while Jon Leon interviews LA artist Alex Israel about nostalgia, style and taste. Curator Bob Nickas thinks back on the career of Laurie Parsons. Timo Feldhaus writes about Jordan Wolfson’s notorious dancing robot at David Zwirner Gallery, and curator Michele D’Aurizio pitches Curzio Malaparte’s novel The Skin as a lesson in humanity and suffering, while science-fiction author Mark von Schlegell contributes a new short story about an unstoppable horde of children.
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