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Samara Golden »Mass Murder, blue room #1«, 2014


»Mass Murder, blue room #1«, 2014
Digital pigment print
37 x 24.5 cm (image size) / 40 x 30 cm (paper size)
Edition of 100 + 6 AP, signed and numbered on reverse

In installations like stage sets, Samara Golden generates subtle atmospheres that give rise to a wide variety of feelings, memories, and moods through different settings, lighting situations, and colour selections. These phantasmagoric spaces and many of the objects they contain – beds, tables, musical instruments – are constructed by Golden herself. In the installation “Mass Murder, blue room” (Night Gallery, L.A., 2014) reflective sofas stood on a blue carpet and hung from the ceiling. Bordering the setting, two mirrored walls produced multiple reflections of the salon-like interior with its grand piano and various other objects, considerably expanding the dimensions of the room. A video projection visible on the mirrored sidewall created the illusory impression of an enormous window flooding the room with the warm light of a sunset. The photograph “Mass Murder, blue room #1” shows an excerpt of this setting.

Samara Golden was born in 1973 in Ann Arbor, Michigan and lives in Los Angeles.

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