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ISSUE 58 (WINTER 2019): Magic


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In the witching hours of the twenty-first century, magic is once again a tool with which we can change reality, but at the same time it is pervasive and pernicious, co-opted by spiritual entrepreneurism and the false gods of Silicon Valley. Collaborators Spike and Ignota Books, bid you welcome on your journey through esoteric, cybernetic, psychedelic, technoshamanic worlds that are still in the making. With texts from Porpentine Charity Heartscape on witchcraft, Elisabeth von Samsonow on modernism and the occult, Hans Ulrich Obrist on the algo séance, Matt Liston’s blockchain religion, and Erik Davis on psychedelics, plus Philomena Epps pens a text on Tony Oursler, and CAConrad and Ariana Reines talk poetry.


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